What our patients are saying…

I feel like a new person!
~Susan: La Jolla, CA

“I had severe pain in my neck and my shoulder for quite a long time and I saw so many different types of clinicians. I didn’t get any relief really until I saw Dr. Collan, and it was significant for me. After just several treatments I feel so much better. I feel fabulous physically and even emotionally. So I really highly recommend this practice. I feel fabulous in every regard. I had another issue that I had been dealing with in terms of dizziness and I resolved that through these treatments, including the chiropractic here and also the massage. It’s been marvelous for me and I’ve recommended it to my entire family.”

Dr. Koeppen got me squared away and ready for my next hike.
~Carolyn: La Jolla, CA

“I’m Carolyn Boline and I’ve had a yoga practice for over 25 years and I also have been hiking with the same group of women for over 20 years and it’s very important to me that I stay healthy, my hips work correctly, my spine is working. So I have been a patient of Dr. Collan Koeppen’s for the past couple of years because, even with my 25 year yoga practice, I encountered some hip issues where it was hurting when I walked uphill. So I went to Dr. Koeppen and he got me squared away and ready for my hike last May and I have been a consistent patient ever since and I’m ready to embark on my 20th trip this year to Scotland. Even with my yoga practice, I depend very much on the adjustments that I receive at Active Rest Chiropractic.”

It’s like a light has gone on!
~Mari: San Diego, CA

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Koeppen for about 6 months… The real bonus is that I feel better and also have less ‘brain fog’. It’s like a light has gone on!… I went to him because I had heard him speak about the benefits of having your head on straight. He discovered that indeed my head was slightly tilted. Of course, no one would ever tell you that, but it’s good knowing that I look better.”

The first visit I felt a difference.
~Alexandra: San Diego, CA 

“I wasn’t quite sure if chiropractic would really help me with my back or anything, but he has educated me a lot and there’s a lot of benefits for it. Not just to help your back get realigned and to get pain out of your back and all of that, and your neck. But it also helps with your stress and a whole bunch of other things, your diet, everything. I’m just really exited.
Also, I thought that there was going to be a lot of cracking, like he was going to crackle, snap and pop me all over the place, and that’s not at all what he did. There’s actually like no cracking taking place, no pain, it was very subtle. The first visit I felt a difference. I felt like I had better posture, the tension up here (shoulders) just dropped down, and I’m walking tall. So I highly recommend Dr. Collan. I’m exited, thank you so much.”

I would highly recommend Dr. Koeppen as an alternative to taking medications for pain.
~Leslie: La Jolla, CA

“I began receiving chiropractic treatment from Dr. Koeppen approximately two years ago. I have had severe headaches since I was a teenager and they have continued into adulthood. I was skeptical of going to a chiropractor, but after trying other methods, such as acupuncture, massage and medications, I decided it would be worth a try. I had pain at the base of my skull and stiffness in my neck and shoulders. Dr. Koeppen’s treatment has eliminated the pain and stiffness in my upper neck, and has also resulted in other benefits, such as decreased back pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Koeppen as an alternative to taking medications for pain. It has made an incredible difference”

I will be forever grateful to you, Dr. Koeppen!
~Roxy, Pacific Beach, CA 

“When Dr. CK told me that I’m not supposed to live life with pain – I laughed! I grew up knowing and accepting my migraines for 25 years and made my pills a part of my life. It’s been 3 years now since I’ve been under his care and now I know how it’s like to live a life pain free. I will be forever grateful to you, Dr. Koeppen!”

I will continue to tell everyone about you and your services!
~Nathalie, Point Loma, CA 

“I started noticeably grinding my teeth about 5 years ago.  I would often wake up with a sore jaw and a horrible headache. I had heard the only way to fix the problem was to wear a mouth guard (which I tried and it didn’t work ), or to have the Dr. break your jaw and hope that when it recovers you no longer grind your teeth (umm…no thank you). I was referred to Dr. Collan who specializes in cases similar to mine. I have had 6 consultations with him and can truly say that after 5, the pain was gone and I am no longer grinding my teeth! I know…who would have thought?! I am now going to him on a weekly basis to get my back adjusted as well. I can’t believe I spent 5 years waking up with a headache and thinking there was no ‘realistic cure’. Thank you, Dr. Collan! I will continue to tell everyone about you and your services! ”