Upper Cervical Adjustments – Dr. Collan Koeppen

Meet Dr. Collan Koeppen, specializing in Upper Cervical

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the largest alternative healing profession in the world. It was founded on the principle that our most important organ, the brain, is protected by the skull while the extension of the brain, the spinal cord, is protected by number movable bones making up the spine. Therefore, the spine can be considered one of the most important structures in our bodies. It protects and houses the spinal cord while allowing us to bend, twist and move with relative ease. When the spine loses its normal motion or axis of rotation, the degenerative process sets in, causing spinal decay and eventually pain and inflammation in the affected joints.

This loss of normal motion in the spine is what chiropractors refer to as a “subluxation.” The goal of chiropractic treatment is to detect and correct spinal misalignment (subluxations), therefore restoring normal motion to the spine and in the end adding many years of life to your spine. When the spine is healthy, you are healthy.

What is Upper Cervical?

Upper cervical refers to the top of the neck: the Atlas (C1) and Axis (C2) vertebrae. These are the most often used vertebrae to gently re-position the head relative to the body. Upper cervical care corrects misalignment of the C1 and C2. This correction creates a “domino” effect in the downward direction (with gravity). Brain to body communication is restored and the body begins to heal itself.

Other areas of the body can be addressed. However, the farther from the brain the area is, the less priority it is given. With a little patience and effort on your part, pains and concerns that are “downstream” often resolve naturally when the Atlas and Axis are put in alignment.

Upper cervical care is different than traditional chiropractic care (a twisting, popping, forceful type of manipulation). During an upper cervical adjustment, you lie on your side like you are taking a nap. In this very comfortable position, you receive a very gentle yet precise correction. The procedure is so light, you may think nothing was done. In fact, you have taken your first step toward regaining your ideal health.

Most people try 3-5 other methods to solve their problem and then finally are introduced to the beauty and simplicity of having your nervous system maximized. Ultimately, the body will follow. Why don’t you check and see if the power is fully on in your own body?

What to Expect on Day 1 of your Chiropractic Visit

The timeline of treatments:

Purpose: To determine if your case falls within the scope of our practice.

DAY 1: FIRST CORRECTION, if indicated.
Purpose: To understand the full spectrum of your health concerns and why these problems manifested.

Purpose: To understand how the body may be restored to full function.

Purpose: To understand the difference between pain relief and corrective care.

Purpose: To understand the healing process in a realistic time frame.

Purpose: To incorporate self-care methods of lifestyle changes, creating faster, longer lasting results.

RE-EXAMINATION occurs every 12 visits during continuing treatment to discuss progress and assess whether the treatment plan needs modification.


Kids Need Chiropractic, Too!

Adults are not the only ones who can benefit from chiropractic care. Children and youth can benefit, too. The sooner you correct a mis-alignments after it occurs, the better chance you have to prevent ongoing health issues related to the injury.

Young children can be adventuresome and precarious; they sometimes have tumbles and falls. Some of which you may not even be aware. Take this photo of Dr. Koeppen when he was nine months old. Sure, this time his parents saw him crawling out of the crib, but how many other times did it happen? Injuries which occur early on in a child’s life through sports, automobile accidents, and even simply rough housing may not manifest symptoms right away. It is important, though, to have your child examined for possible mis-aligment. Left untreated, a mis-alignment can cause problems in a variety of ways. Pain is not the only indicator or factor involved when the spine is mis-aligned. Dr. Koeppen’s gentle, manual correction of the spine (non-popping, non-twisting, non-cracking) is a positive experience for younger patients.

Dr. Koeppen at 9 months old

Dr. Koeppen at 8 years old

Dr. Koeppen at 8 years old


Chiropractic for Athletes

Competitive sports require the body to perform at its optimum level. Every shot counts. Every second matters. How can you achieve your best sports performance on a consistent basis? By having proper alignment of the spine. Sports injuries can pull the spine out of alignment. Repetitive movement can as well. Chiropractic adjustments correct the mis-alignments that occur, reducing pain and improving your game. This is true for athletes of any age, from youth to senior adults.