ART (Active Release Techniques)

Make Progress Faster with ART

Active Release Techniques® (ART) is a combination of stretching and pressure point therapy that breaks up scar tissue and knots in the muscles, increasing the body’s ability to achieve and hold proper alignment. We offer a 30-minute ART session with a certified ART specialist. Whether you are recovering a sports injury, seeking faster progress in your upper cervical care, or desiring to get the most out of your healing massages, using ART in combination with our other services can lead to quicker results.

The Fuzz Speech by Anatomist, Gil Hedly, PhD

Each night when you go to sleep, the interfaces between your muscles grow “fuzz,” potentially, and in the morning when you wake up and you stretch, the fuzz melts…That stiff feeling that you have is the solidifying of your tissues. The sliding surfaces aren’t sliding anymore. There’s fuzz growing in between them. You have to stretch and move and use your body in order to melt that fuzz.

Buildup of fuzz reduces our range of motion. One of the great benefits of hands on body work (i.e. massage, structural therapy, physical therapy, ART, etc.) is that these types of therapies introduce movement manually to tissues that have become fuzzed over through lack of movement, whether the lack of movement is because of an injury and the person’s protecting that injury or because of personality expression (i.e. walking around very still and monk-like).

You can grow fuzz by choice or by accident, and now you have heard the fuzz speech you know that you can take responsibility for melting the fuzz (by moving and stretching), and if there’s too much fuzz in your body and it’s frozen up, you might want to seek help in order to re-introduce movement and increase range of motion.

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