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Dr. Koeppen’s Story:

At 8 years old, I suffered a neck injury while playing sports. My head was stuck to the side for a week with my ear nearly touching the shoulder. The doctor said I should be ok. The following school year my principal commented on how much nicer I had been the year before and asked me, “What happened?”

Dr. Koeppen at 8 years old

Dr. Koeppen at 8 years old after a sports injury

For years I suffered from headaches, muscle spasms, low back and knee pain, and even a broken foot – all related to my misaligned vertebrae and resulting body imbalance. Every time I sat down my whole body would hurt and I felt a knotting tension that would create a pressure in my head, depending on the amount of stress I was under.

Finally, 20 years after my injury occurred, I met a specialist who showed me how my head was not on straight and gave me my first upper cervical adjustment. From there, the healing process began. My chronic pain diminished, and my mood, energy and performance improved. Regular checkups made sure the process of healing progressed.