Not the Traditional Chiropractic Experience

What to Expect on Day 1

We are not meant to live in pain. Pain is a signal that something in the body is not right. When the body is imbalanced, something will hurt or wear out. You may not feel anything at first when you become imbalanced. Eventually something will function improperly.

Our purpose at Active Rest is to help you regain and maintain health. During your initial consultation Dr. Koeppen will assess your case and determine if his treatment is the right care for you. The treatment you will receive in our clinic is different than a traditional chiropractic adjustment. We do not twist, crack, or pop the head and neck. We use a gentle, manual corrective technique to realign vertebrae of the neck and spine. Combined with this we use Active Release Techniques (ART) to “untie knots” of scar tissue that hold the body out of place and create painful dysfunctional performance.

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What to Expect on Day 2